David HancockI’m David Hancock from Manchester, England where I work as a web developer for Gear4music Ltd. I have a passion for technology, great design, clean code and a knack for learning new things.

Aside from my technological interests I enjoy gaming, music, camping, clubbing, and my lovely wife, Siobhan. Check out her site if you’re interested in drawing, the vegan lifestyle or the odd movie, TV show and game review.

I built my first website aged 12, it was a simple personal site built in tables and looked dreadful, but that didn’t matter as I had made a piece of the web my own and from that moment I was hooked! It wasn’t long before I wanted to learn more about the inner workings of the Internet, namely server side technologies, that’s when I began to learn PHP and MySQL to develop more dynamic web sites.

Since then I’ve developed numerous websites, ranging from small single page portfolios, to large scale CMS’s used by thousands of users. My toolbox includes PhpStorm, Sublime Text, Photoshop, Apache & Nginx, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Kohana, Laravel, MySQL, Windows, OSX and Linux.

Recently I’ve taken an interest in iOS apps and have written a few applications in Objective-C using Xcode for the iPhone and iPad. These include a property search app for a local estate agent which consumes a JSON REST web service and a 3D model viewer that loads POD model files and renders them using OpenGL ES.

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